Threat Landscape

In-game cyber crime isn’t complicated; in fact, a successful attack can be orchestrated by anyone ranging from a skillful hacker to an amateur cheat. Regardless of the adversary’s skillset, in-game cyber crime now costs video game publishers more than 40% of their in-game revenue and microtransactions annually. This deficit can equate to millions of dollars in lost and missed revenue opportunities, per game, each year.

For Publishers

Panopticon Laboratories’ is a publisher’s best defense against the cyber crime epidemic affecting the video game industry. Our suite of products uniquely identifies a baseline of normal activity for every online player within a game. By doing so, we help video game publishers proactively discover anomalous in-game behavior, such as an abnormal item or monetary transfer or withdrawal; or suspicious or erratic gameplay – with 99% accuracy.


But we don’t stop there. Panopticon also provides video game publishers with the tools for quick and easy incident investigation and remediation, enabling them to mitigate risk and maximize revenue, while remaining invisible to players and the bad guys.


Watchtower is Panopticon Laboratories’ premier in-game security product, using proprietary anomaly detection and behavioral analytics to provide online video game publishers with a 360-degree overview of player behavior over time. The SaaS-based product’s real-time, actionable alerts and research tools allow analysts to make quick and informed decisions that stop malicious in-game behavior before damages can occur. Its powerful machine learning system enables the engine to grow smarter and more powerful over time.

Watchtower Research Edition is for online video game publishers who want to understand the size and scope of fraudulent and malicious behavior occurring inside their games. Using the same analytics engine that powers Watchtower, Research models 90 days of historic activity and visually expresses suspicious behavior. Research tools can then be used to quickly and easily uncover cheaters, hackers, organized bot and player networks, gold farming rings, account takeover schemes, and other undesirable activities.


Our Technology

At the core of Watchtower is our proprietary risk management analysis engine, which focuses on gameplay itself, taking advantage of vast amounts of business intelligence locked in player actions and behaviors. It mathematically models normal player behavior and identifies suspicious activity such as account hacking, farming, botting, and gray market sales of virtual items and currency. Powered by this engine, Watchtower helps video game publishers find and eliminate in-game threats and bad actors before its too late.